Designing the Perfect Bathroom Vanities Ontario

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes. From single-cabinet cupboard style vanities to modern all-in-one sets, there are many options to explore and experiment with. You can go for a single or double vanity, with or without a mirror as per your requirements. The most important aspect of a bathroom vanity is its base. This is the component that is composed of drawers and cabinets in a layout you prefer. A sink will be installed in top of this base and a mirror will be hung on the wall. You need to have a look at all bathroom vanities Ontario to take your pick.

An expert will be able to suggest the size of a vanity for your bathroom depending on the dimensions. There are vanities available in the range of 18 inch to 72 inch with single or double sinks, added number of drawers, and different layouts. You can choose a vanity top, mirror style, lighting, sink faucets, and medicine cabinets according to your preference. The base can be made of wood; the type and colour of which you can choose. Then there are two-shelf vanities to accommodate a modular design and a two-door vanity without any extra cabinets.

Shelves in a bathroom vanity are usually used for keeping decorative items like plants and vases. If you want to install two vanities in your bathroom, you can choose either one separately or have them custom designed according to your own specifications. Some vanities are composed of just a single shelf and nothing else. These are simply yet very attractive. Many people like to have elaborate bathroom vanities for extra storage space and to fill up the entire available space. Some vanities are composed on just drawers and no cabinets.

No matter which style you choose, you will have to specify the material and color of the vanity. Some people go for plain white but others experiment with different shades of wood including black. Rustic looking bathroom vanities are also in fashion composed of a good quality wood that has been processed to give a worn out look. You can buy a vanity base separate from a top to customize the appearance. But if you’re out of ideas, you can search for complete vanity sets that are composed of not just the base but also the top along with sink and mirror.

Azule Kitchens has emerged as an expert of beautiful and contemporary bathroom vanities Ontario. There are hundreds of designs to choose from when it comes to bathroom vanity cupboards and cabinets. Choose a material and finish that go with the rest of your home décor. The experts here would be able to tell you the size of the vanity to choose and other elements to go for. Some vanity bases are expensive, while others are reasonably priced. Some of them are based on ancient designs, while others make use of contemporary styles. Give them a call for free consultation and get your bathroom redesigned for an improved look.