A Guide to Finding the Best Bathroom Vanities for Your New Home

Bathroom Vanities

A modern bathroom is incomplete and almost non-functional without a vanity. These are basically meant for storage and to keep that clutter away but the new bathroom vanities offer much more than that. You can now choose a vanity to match with your overall home décor or at least the way you have decorated your room. From its size and materials to amount of storage and the design of sink, you can choose just about any feature of the vanity to make it right according to your requirements.

There are two types of vanities available on the market. The first one is meant to be installed without a sink as it just offers a desk or table along with a base unit for storage. The other type of vanity, which is more popular, comes with a sink as well as a storage unit. It is possible to choose the material of the countertop depending on your requirements but the base unit is mostly made of wood and the client can only specify the design of the storage unit. It is also possible to change the size of vanity depending on the space available in your bathroom.

Pre-built vanities come in standard sizes. They vary from 24 inches to 72 inches wide and also consist of a single or double sink. Most vanities are up to 36 inches tall, which is a reasonable height for washing hands. The mirror hangs above the vanity top and it needs to be at a height where the person could see their face easily. Some people give custom specifications for the size of their vanity depending on their stature. This way you can have a unit that perfectly fulfills your requirements.

When buying a bathroom vanity, keep in mind that it will come with a sink which would require plumbing to function properly. Measure the area where you need to install the vanity in your bathroom and then choose accordingly. It is possible to purchase the base unit, sink and mirror separately. But then there would be matching issues especially when it comes to size and dimensions. It is recommended to seek the help of a professional designer who knows what modern vanities look like and how they must be designed. Some people even go for wall-mounted vanities, which look extremely neat and sophisticated. Again, a designer would assist you whether you need a custom-built vanity, a regular one or a wall-mounted vanity.

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