Azule Kitchens- Choosing the Best Material for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Azule Kitchens- Choosing the Best Material for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are the most visible and character defining elements of your kitchen. They are also the most vital as they hold the majority of the storage and unify the overall space. Choosing the correct construction material for cabinets can be confusing among all kinds of wood and wood-like materials available these days. While renovating your kitchen space, factors to be considered are; durability of the material, storage requirements, desirable aesthetics, and maintenance cost and how all of these fit your budget. Here’s a guide to understand and pick suitable material wisely.


Fiberboard and Particleboard are both made of recycled wood products, resin and wax pressed under high pressure and are mostly laminated or finished with veneer. MDF turns out to be more durable and smoother than particleboard due to higher density but both are susceptible to water damage and don’t hold screws well. Both are cost effective options with particle boards being comparatively cheaper but MDF is resistant to cracking and peeling which makes it a better choice. Azule kitchens make some beautiful MDF pieces among their wide range of products.

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Hardwood is considered to be the most durable option among the wooden palate. With cherry wood being the most popular, it imparts a warm and rich ambiance along with being scratch resistant. However, it does cost more due to its quality and unmatched aesthetic qualities. Different types of hardwoods are available in the market under the names of trees that provide them and almost all of them are equally durable with differences in look and styles.


Plywood is also a type of solid wood. The boards are glued together in layers and finished with veneer or thermo foil coats. Different grades of plywood are available starting from the economy grade which is the cheapest going up till grade AA which is used for prime construction as seen in some Azule kitchens cabinets. It has greater stability and higher resistance to water than MDF and is lower in cost than hardwood which makes it a prime choice.

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Other than wood, modern kitchen designs also make use of aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene and glass as per the aesthetic and working needs. Aluminum and stainless-steel cabinets add a contemporary vibe to the room, and they are durable. However, they also are prone to scratching and fingerprints. They mostly make do in commercial kitchens. Glass sometimes makes a good fit to meet a chic and elegant look.

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