Azule Kitchens – Create Your Dream Home Office

Azule Kitchens - Create Your Dream Home Office

Custom Cabinetry Desk

During COVID 19 working from home has become new to a lot of us and as so many of us adapt to the life of working from home we start to think about how an efficient and comfortable work space would make working from home much more functional and stylish. Creating a custom cabinetry desk or a home office built in unit with bookshelves or storage can really make your office space much more functional and beautiful. Creating a space that you are happy to work in can help increase productivity by boosting the mood in your office and making it less stressful to work from home. With kids being home from school and not many places to go it can be hard to work with all the noise and busy lifestyle, having an office oasis for working can really help your concentration and ensure you can get the work done that you need to. You can use different colors and cabinetry combinations to help achieve your desired look and make your space very efficient and if it is done correctly you may not even feel like you are in the office. 

You can also spice up your current home office to make it a much more relaxed space to get your work done. Adding things like greenery, live plants or moving your desk close to a window will help boost the overall energy and mood of the room. Organizing your office to have to flow with your way of working and keeping a clear and open work space will help your mind focus on your work and not the surroundings you are working in. Places to put your printer and files will help you be more organized and also free up valuable countertop working space. A clean and subtle wall color combined with lots of natural lighting will help with the overall look of the room and help your home office feel much warmer and easier to work in. The kitchen cabinet designers at Azule Kitchens are very experienced and knowledgeable and they can help create the perfect floor plan and custom cabinets for your new office space.

Our team recently created a custom desk unit for one of our clients that have adapted to working from home during COVID 19 and they plan to continue to work efficiently and productively from home once this is over. In this new office space we designed a two step desk with white painted custom cabinets, brushed gold cabinetry hardware, storage for printer, files, pens and office utensils, we built it in to overlook the customers front foyer of their home and used Cambria quartz countertops to finish it off.  Let’s connect; we can help create your new home office space today.

Whether you are looking for a desk unit or an office built in unit our team at Azule Kitchens in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ontario has the knowledge and creative touch to design a beautiful and cost effective home office space for you. Let’s connect and set up a virtual meeting to get designing your dream home office or kitchen today!

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