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A great way to use a large space or a empty wall in your home or office is to have a custom built in unit such as and entertainment center or book case built and installed. At Azule Kitchens our designers are well equipped and well groomed to help you have the perfect piece built for your home.  There are many different types of built in units or entertainment centres available. Some different options or ideas are a built in entertainment centre for your TV area, home or office book case or desk, fire place unit, media centre, servery, hutch or various other custom built in units. Stylish and built to suit custom cabinetry units not only utilize your space very efficiently but also give your home extra décor, style and character to your living room, dining room, office and basement areas. Through our experienced designers and meticulous team, Azule Kitchens brings some of the best and latest custom-built units, entertainment centres and media centres

Through our process our team works closely with you to determine your specific needs and wants for your new unit, we gather ideas and visions you have, from there we will design a unit that is customized for your space and your individual needs. The specifications of the size of the TV or fireplace, your storage needs, your style, other needs and wants as well as many other extra features are just some of the considerations that are explored in preliminary stages of your custom designed entertainment centre.

We go over the style, materials and colours you would like us to use for your built in unit, the options are almost endless. As a custom showroom and shop we can provide different options for construction and price such as hundreds of door styles, plywood cabinets, glass-doors, painted, stained, various kinds of wood and much more. We also offer adjustable shelves and thick shelves. We offer environmentally friendly products along with many options to ensure you get the most value for your money.

Entertainment wall units and built in units are not only for living rooms and home theatre purposes, our experienced entertainment centre designers can also create you a custom entertainment wall unit, book shelf or a custom furniture piece that is a perfect fit your your home or office. Built-in units and custom entertainment centres can help increase the value of your home while making your home more efficient and stylish.

Whether you are looking for a custom furniture piece, built-in entertainment cabinet, large wall units, media centre, book case, desk unit, hutch or you have another vision or idea, Azule Kitchens can help you achieve your dream piece. Let one of our knowledgeable designers help make your vision a reality today!