Designing the Best Custom Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom renovation is one of the most exciting projects in home improvement. You get a chance to make it according to your usage requirements and install whatever suits the finest. It is also important to take into account the overall space available and make the best use of it. Bathroom vanities is one area where you can test your own creative skills and also try pre-built vanities available on the market. There are many renowned manufacturers that offer pretty functional and stunning vanities but it is also possible to build your own.

Custom designed bathroom vanities have many benefits. First off, you can give exact specifications regarding the size by measuring the area where you will be installing the vanity. If you buy a pre-built vanity, which is mostly available from 24-inch to 72-inch width, you might end up wasting space. Moreover, you can decide on the number of cabinets and drawers depending on your storage needs and also give an overall layout for the design of the vanity. And most importantly you can choose the material of the top and the base yourself depending on your budget.

Many people choose marble tops for their bathroom vanities but there are other materials available as well. From concrete and tile to laminate and recycles glass, there are many options to explore. The cost of each material varies and you can see different styles to suit your requirements. You may also choose to match your vanity top with the floor. Usually a glossy finish looks very appealing in a bathroom but it has to be maintained regularly. The choice of a top also depends on the color you have in mind for your vanity.

The next step is to choose a base for the vanity. If you have already chosen the top, this step becomes easy. The cabinets are usually made from wood, which itself comes in many styles. Frameless cabinetry is the latest trend these days and it is also inexpensive because it can be easily constructed from engineered or processed wood including plywood, MDF and chipboard. If cost is not a worry, you will definitely want to go for solid wood. It not only looks great but also lasts for a long time. Your vanity must be able to withstand a lot of water spills and splatters and be durable and long lasting.

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