Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanities

Modern restrooms are incomplete without proper bathroom cabinets and vanities that not only serve to enhance the aesthetics but also offer practical storage space. Bathroom vanities look elegant and complete the look of a state-of-the-art bathroom. They are composed of a base unit and a top along with accessories and mirror. There are many types of vanities available out there ranging from traditional and classic suites to wall-mount, curved, and furniture styles. Keep reading on if you want to learn more about all these types of vanities to have the best one for your bathroom.

The furniture-style vanities are composed of elegantly carved legs featuring any popular design. These pieces look very elegant as they are made by skilled artisans and they are available in many different sizes. Three popular leg styles are normally used in cabinetry: upton, larissa and covington. You can choose any one of these along with a single or double sink style to design a vanity according to your preferences. In addition to laminate cabinetry, there are stained wood, painted and MDF cabinets that can be used in the making of vanities.

Traditional suites are quite popular as they offer huge storage space and impeccable organization. Then there are modern vanities that consist of a wide range of units in various sizes designed for all types of bathrooms. You can choose the wood type for cabinets and vanity top to go with it. There are also many sink styles that can be studied. Since these cabinets are installed in the bathroom where a lot of water is used normally, it is very important to read cabinet care instructions before you choose a specific type of wood.

Just like kitchen cabinets, the cabinets for these vanities have to be designed very carefully especially if you’re going for custom cabinets. In addition to choosing the right cabinet door, it is also important to learn to maintain it so that it would as good as new for many years to come. You must remember that wood furniture requires regular care and maintenance and cabinets are no different. It is advisable to polish them at least once a month using wax free and silicone free polish. Spills and splatters have to be cleaned immediately not just in the bathroom but also in the kitchen. Remember if the cabinets have glass doors, you don’t spray the door cleaner directly on the surface so that the wood remains unharmed.

Azule Kitchens has made it very easy and straight forward to choose the best bathroom vanities for your new home. It is recommended to go through the technical resources to learn more about these units so that you can have highly customized cabinets and vanities that reflect your true style. The designers will inform you on how to clean and maintain the cabinets so that they are not damaged over time. Wood cabinetry, especially in the bathroom, needs regular attention in order to limit fading effect and make them look as good as new.