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I am an interior designer from Brooklyn, with a strong focus in interior and furniture design. I love to get new experiences and always learn from my surroundings. I’ve done more than 50 projects. You can check it through portfolio section on this website. I looking forward to any opportunities and challenges.

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  • In Showroom Plan Proposal
  • Proposal agreement
  • Installation phase

We recommend you start with a visit to our showroom with your rough dimensions or house plans. You will have the opportunity to review the numerous options of styles and finishes and gain valuable insight from our highly experienced designers. We will discuss your kitchen style, renovation ideas, appliances being considered, and time lines. This is a great opportunity to have any questions answered. Having pictures and ideas of your vision will help you and your designer fulfill your dream kitchen.

After carefully analyzing your needs, style, function and dimensions, your designer will present a preliminary design using 3D virtual kitchen modelling software.

Once you have narrowed down your options and design you will receive drawings with a retainer going toward your purchase. We then begin our final design phase where every detail is accounted for. Final drawings are then distributed to all of the trades involved for a seamless and timely execution.

The installation can range from one to several days depending on the size and complexity of the design. Throughout this process our designers and installation team will be in contact so you are aware of the progress and next steps.


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