How to Choose the Best Kitchen Designer Vanities

Kitchen and bathroom are the two most important design locations in a modern home. Not only do homeowners choose their tiles and flooring after careful research but also make sure the vanities and cabinets are up-to-date, durable and high quality. If you’re looking for the ideal kitchen designer vanities and other elements that make these spaces look stunning, you have come to the right place. With the passage of time, the trends for vanities and kitchen cabinets change. We will explore the latest trends and also find out if they can be incorporated with traditional style kitchens and bathrooms.

One of the newest trends that have been much appreciated among homeowners is to have open shelves both in the kitchen and bathroom. The doors, cabinets and other elements are designed to match with one another using the same materials or finish. Another popular trend is to give a weathered finish to wooden cabinets. Open shelves can be used to place just about anything from tumblers and jars to decorative items and plants. They can also be used as kitchen pantry shelves to store canned food or bakery items.

Although white kitchens look absolutely elegant, the trend is now moving away from neutral hues to something more exciting. People nowadays experiment with different shades of wood. A darker tone is used for the island and a lighter tone for cabinet doors. Hardwood flooring is also a popular choice for modern homes. It is not only durable and long-lasting but also looks very chic and elegant. The laminate and ceramic tiled floor look great too and it is also easy to clean and manage. All these elements complement one another due to their different tones and look absolutely amazing.

Darker colors are being preferred by homeowners for kitchen and bathroom walls. Dark tiles combined with lightly toned cabinets give a very regal feel. The wooden kitchen looks complete with slate-colored appliances including microwave oven, fridge, dishwasher, and electric oven. If you’re considering contrasting colors for the island and the cabinets, these appliances will neutralize the entire look. The backsplash is matched with the countertops for a modern look. Dedicating a wall to an LED screen or other technological elements is another one of the most preferred trends nowadays. A spacious kitchen is more likely to accommodate all these elements including a full-sized pantry, an extra seating area, and a large island.

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