How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

One important aspect of having a pantry in your kitchen is to design its cabinet. There are quite a number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the layout, material and style of the kitchen pantry cabinet. You can select various parameters like pantry height, material, features, and number of doors to suit your needs. The pantry can be small or large depending on your storage requirements. The main materials used in the making of a pantry include wood, plastic and metal. And there are a number of features that you can check out including adjustable shelves, microwave shelf, distressed finish and so on.

There is option of buying a kitchen pantry off the shelf and have it assembled in your kitchen. There are all kinds of pantries available out there but most of them are designed like a cupboard with shelves and drawers for storage. Pantry with a microwave shelf looks good and it is very functional and practical. You can also choose a movable or portable pantry that has been designed like a trolley to move it here and there where it is needed. In addition to the microwave oven, other appliances can also be placed on the counter top including juicers and blenders.

When you need a specialized pantry, you will have to hire a kitchen pantry designer or an expert who has years of experience in renovating and remodeling kitchens. It is recommended to work with a company that provides kitchen experts so that you can have everything according to your own requirements. When you use such a service, you don’t have to rely on already existing pantries. Some people also choose to have a pantry outside the kitchen, which is also a practical option. Small pantries are very effective and easy to maintain. But large pantries also serve the function of storing a good number of items.

Recessed cabinets are common in modern pantries and they don’t have any doors. You can have closed-door cabinets on top and shelves underneath for storing all types of groceries and other items. Such pantries can be designed in any type of wood and finish including distressed finish to give them a cool look. The drawers can be locking drawers to keep everything safe and locked away especially from children. These pantries come in very handy and they also look great in any type of kitchen whether it is modern or old-fashioned.

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