Importance of Having a Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry not only makes a modern kitchen complete but it also serves the purpose of proper organization and storage. There are many types of pantries in use these days. These range from simple cabinets to elaborate walk-in pantries and cupboards with sliding doors. In some pantries, the shelves can be adjusted according to your storage requirements. Then there are some pantries that come with a distressed finish. Some of these storage units also offer locking capability in order to store the groceries safely for a long time. When you look at all these options, you understand the importance of having a kitchen pantry.

The first thing to consider when installing a new pantry in your kitchen is to choose the location. It can be in the corner or on one of the free walls but it also depends on the floor plan of your kitchen. Corner pantries are often chosen to save up space for other elements. A full-sized pantry is not suitable for a small kitchen. Wall pantries are becoming famous the world over because of their simple yet useful design and layout. You can store a good number of groceries in such a pantry.

If you want to have a double-door pantry in your kitchen, you must keep in mind that it will not be as deep as you would like it to be. Built-in cabinets also come in handy when there is less space available but you would still like to have a traditional-style pantry in your home. The cabinets are designed according to the entire kitchen design so that they mix up well. A butler’s pantry is a full-sized pantry as a separate space or even a room that is dedicated to becoming a pantry. These pantries are still popular but they need a lot of space as well as regular maintenance.

Some people even consider having a hidden pantry, which might not be present inside the kitchen but somewhere near it. Since it is not located in the kitchen, it has to be concealed. Then there is the option of having a freestanding pantry or something that is portable. You can move it easily from one place to another and it offers a good amount of storage space to store all types of groceries efficiently. Check out these ideas to come up with the most suitable and practical option when designing a kitchen pantry.

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