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A kitchen is the heart of a home and is a place where memories are shared. It is also one of the most used areas in your home and has a huge impact on the overall value of your home. So, you can understand how important it is that your kitchen accommodates your lifestyle and needs.

We highly recommend the steps below to help ensure that we are meeting your needs and also to make the process as efficient as we can as we work towards your new kitchen. Our proven methods and our steps below provides our team with the necessary information so that we can ensure your new kitchen fits your lifestyle and also ensures we can present you with an accurate design and quote.

Although colours and door styles are a very important part of your new kitchen, in order to serve you best, we recommend starting the process with the design and floor plan of your new kitchen. This is the most important and most time-consuming step towards your new kitchen and has the biggest impact on price. Once we have achieved the desired layout and design is when we recommend to start finalizing on your new kitchen colour and door style. At Azule Kitchens colours and door styles are no problem, we offer hundreds of different standard door styles and standard colours, we are also able to custom colour match any colour you bring in and we can make any door that brought to us.


A new kitchen wish list is a very important beginning step to start the process of your new kitchen. It helps you determine what your likes and dislikes versus the things you need and may not need in your new kitchen.

We recommend starting a file or a book that helps you gather and organize some of the likes and dislikes of kitchens you see to help in determining things you may want in your new kitchen. Some of the best places to look to find ideas is our website, photographs from the internet or magazines.

Some of the things to consider in your new kitchen search are kitchen styles, colours, finishes, hood/ stove areas, fridge area, islands and inserts. Other things to consider are door styles, decorative elements, countertops, wall colours, etc.


Another very important preliminary step towards your new kitchen is your floor plan. Please keep in mind that a final site measure will is required by one of our experienced team members before we start production of your kitchen to ensure 100% accuracy and attention to detail. However, we recommend that you do a preliminary measure of your kitchen space and draw it on a piece of paper.

For this, we recommend downloading our kitchen planner in the link below. Our kitchen planner will help you by providing a step by step guide to measuring your space along with other valuable information.

We ask you to also include pictures of your old kitchen and/or kitchen space and floor plan. The floor plan will include all window and door locations, wall measurements, utilities locations and may or may not include appliance sizes you are wanting to do.

It is also helpful to do a sketch of what you envision for the layout in your new kitchen. Some things to consider is where you would like appliance locations to be, any walls or windows being moved or removed, cabinet inserts, and what you may like to do in certain areas.


Once you have completed your kitchen wish list and a floor plan, we ask you to look at the plan you have created and envision where you would like your appliances and any other items to be.

It is also helpful to look at your floor a plan and your space and try to see if what you are envisioning in your space will work. Some questions you may want to ask yourself while looking over your plan is: Where do I want my appliances to be? Is the fridge, stove or hood I want to do feasible for my space? Will the island size I want to do work with my floor plan? Is there enough room for what I envision to fit in my space? Where are the items of my kitchen wish list going to be and where would they be most functional? Am I taking down any walls, moving any electrical or plumbing, if so, are they possible to move?

Remember, our knowledgeable and helpful team is always here to help with any questions you may have.


Now that you have taken the first steps in creating your dream kitchen and have a good idea of what your vision is and what your needs and wants are.  For more information please contact our showroom and we would be more then happy to book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and experienced designers.

Please remember to bring in or email us all the information and planning you have gathered so that we can be sure to work efficiently with in creating your dream kitchen space.