Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathrooms are an amalgam of luxury, comfort, and magnificence. It is a space that you would never want to leave especially if everything has been designed according to your preferences. Modern bathroom vanities not only look beautiful and regal but they are also quite functional and very useful. They offer manageable storage space so that everything from towels, personal hygiene items, and medicines to clothing items and hair and skin care products. Everything gets organized with the help of a modern vanity and it can also be made sure that all these items are kept safe and secure.

Modern vanities are composed of large shelves as well as a number of drawers to make the design of the vanity even more attractive. Rustic looks are getting popular not only for the kitchen but also for bathrooms and to achieve this, wooden vanity with brass accents can be used. Circular mirrors can also be used to especially in front of the windows to create a unique look. Gray is making a comeback in vanities particularly for bathrooms meant for men. A wooden top with ample space for keeping the toiletries efficiently are elements that complete the look of such a bathroom.

Industrial styling is another area that is gaining in popularity for bathroom renovation and remodeling. A combination of luxury and sci-fi, these bathrooms look very alluring and totally stylish. Another option is to mix rustic style with modern elements to create a unique space. You can use rustic wooden cabinets with large rectangular mirrors and old hardware to offer a clean and rugged look. People use reclaimed wood to complete such projects and use processes like wire brushing and sanding to turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture.

There is another style popular among homeowners and that is a simple and elegant style without the use of any fancy materials. A combination of a white marble top with dark wooden cabinets without the use of hardware is a classic example of such a bathroom. Geometric shapes and minimalist designs are the elements of a simple and modern bathroom. An all-white bathroom is always in demand because of its elegance and beauty. It looks neat and spectacular but its maintenance is a little difficult because you will have to clean it on a daily basis. White vanities combined with black floor tiles also look great and create a relaxing environment for any type of bathroom.

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