Practical and Budget-Friendly Kitchen Pantry Designs

A pantry makes a kitchen stand out with its traditional or modern style. There are many kitchen pantry designs that attract homeowners who are looking for practical ideas. Designing a pantry doesn’t need to be expensive; you can choose some basic elements and still have something totally functional and very aesthetically appealing. Modern pantries are not only budget-friendly they also offer ample storage area and excellent organizational space. Storing groceries and other kitchen items in a pantry allows the user to save a lot of time while retrieving those items and stay pretty organized throughout the year.

If you’re looking for the most practical pantry design, you would like one designed like a refrigerator. Although it’s a simple design, it offers a lot of customization. You can store just about anything using the multiple shelves that it comes with along with door storage options. Such a pantry is also available in varying heights to suit your storage needs. You might be interested in a pantry that hides the groceries from normal view and comes with locking drawers. This type of pantry works best when you have kids around and you would like to keep some items away from their reach.

If your storage requirements demand a huge pantry, you can go for an expandable design. This type of pantry consists of a number of shelves of different lengths and heights. The sides of the doors can also be utilized to keep containers, bottles and jars. This is called an expandable pantry because it can be expanded according to your requirements by adding or removing shelves. It comes in very handy when you need a budget-friendly idea for a pantry that would also be able to store multiple items. A small pantry embedded in the kitchen wall is one of the most inexpensive ideas that you can check out. It offers sufficient storage but it doesn’t usually come with doors so you will need to clean the shelves every now and again.

If you want a free-standing pantry that is also portable, you can go for a kitchen cupboard designed like a dining room hutch. It comes in handy when you have to keep crockery inside instead of groceries or other food items. The cupboard can be matched with the overall décor of the kitchen. A walk-in pantry, although expensive, can prove to be a very practical option in the long run. This type of pantry will also increase the value of your home because it is highly efficient and many people like to have a huge pantry in their home.

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