The Most Popular and Handy Kitchen Pantry Designs Ontario

A pantry is an important component of a kitchen whether it is traditionally designed or contains modern elements. If you want to have the perfect pantry, you would want to have a look at the most popular kitchen pantry designs Ontario. The main purpose of a pantry is storage and accordingly, the best pantry is the one that offers adequate storage space. To store all the groceries and kitchen utilities, you need an organizational space that provides shelves and drawers for proper and handy loading. Such a pantry would also make retrieval easy and save you a lot of time.

A pantry designed like a refrigerator with side storage along the doors and multiple shelves is not only very simple but also very practical. You may want to design it ceiling-down, which means the upper part of this pantry would touch the ceiling. The height can be adjusted according to your requirements. Then there is a pantry design that hides the groceries in a hidden storage space. It may come with drawers for storing different types of groceries like pasta, bread, spices and so on.

Another popular style is a large and expandable pantry, which has a lot of storage room. It consists of multiple shelves of varying length and height. There is also space to store containers and pouches along the sides of the doors. Small pantries are also quite practical and they are recommended for compact kitchens. These are wall-mounted units with sufficient storage room. Then there is a built-in pantry style that is preferred by a lot of people out there. It may not have doors and it is embedded in one of the kitchen walls. You may specify its height and length as well as a number of shelves according to your requirements.

Most people choose the same material for the pantry cupboard as their main kitchen cabinetry. However, a few homeowners also go for contrasting colours to make the pantry stand out from the rest of the kitchen area. The latest trend is to have vertical dividers within the cabinets for more handy storage. You may also want to check out custom designed walk-in pantry where you can experiment with a lot of wonderful ideas. It is also possible to have a pantry underneath your main worktop, which comes in very handy and saves a lot of time in retrieving the items you need for cooking.

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