The Most Popular Types of Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom looks incomplete and almost non-functional without a bathroom vanity. These vanities come in a number of styles and sizes. You have the option of choosing the base material as well as the top. Moreover, you can see various widths and decide on the number of cabinets, shelves and drawers you need. The modern bathroom vanities consist of floating and wall mounted ones. They may or may not come with a mirror and a separate medicine cabinet. Here we are going to discuss the most popular types of bathroom vanities Ontario.

People spend a lot of money on home renovation and improvement. Although it’s all worth the price, you still have to explore all the available options to save some money. When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity, it is recommended that you spend some time looking at various types available as well as the materials that can be selected for the base and the top. Solid wooden base and marble top vanities are the most expensive and you should choose one if cost is not an issue. However, if you have a limited budget for a bathroom renovation, you may want to consider other materials like plastic, acrylic or PVC.

The most popular types of bathroom vanities include 48” single sink, wooden bathroom vanity with marble top, dresser-style vanity which is a combination of vintage and modern elements, vanity with floor-to-ceiling cabinets having glass doors, and vanities with embellished drawers. It is also possible to customize a vanity especially if you decide to hire a designer or home improvement, expert. A double sink vanity is also a popular choice if you have adequate space in your bathroom. Some people also go for asymmetrical style vanities, which have drawers at multiple levels.

You can buy a mirror and other elements separate from the vanity to complete your set. If you like bath tables, you may convert one into a vanity for your bathroom getting inspiration from Shaker style bathrooms. If you want to experiment with a completely new idea, try an old country style with a workbench that serves the purpose of the vanity top. Some people also consider bathroom vanities with framed mirrors or mixed textures and oversized mirrors for a whole new experience. All these styles are quite popular not only in Ontario but all over the world. Check them out and see which one best suits your requirements.

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