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The modern trend is to have minimalist design with a few quality items for décor whether it is your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. This ensures proper and effective usage of available space and this is the principle behind the bathroom vanities we design for a modern home. From simple medicine cabinets that come with a mirror to more elaborate vanity cabinets and vanity sets, Azule Kitchens has a complete range of vanities for your bathroom that you will simply love.

Bathroom cabinets come in a wide array of shapes and designs. You can choose the size of the cabinet according to the design of your bathroom and available space. Our experts can help you in choosing the right cabinet and the right vanity depending on your requirements so that you can find a perfect item within your budget and according to your overall home décor. We at Azule help you through the whole process and find the right match for your taste and budget.

Azule Kitchens has become one of the most sought-after designers of custom bathroom vanities for all types of bathrooms – big or small. We offer vanity sets that comprise of the basic unit as well as additional components including the mirror and the cabinet. These are the most useful bathroom vanities as they provide great value for your money. You can also choose a vanity by color by browsing through white and off-white, brown, grey and black vanities.

You can choose your own material for the vanity counter top whether it’s marble or wood. We carry the best brands in the market. Traditional wooden vanities look very beautiful but the modern trend is to have something unique and totally awesome. There are vanities that come with extra drawers, single or double skin units, and extra cabinets. Azule Kitchens help you create a bathroom of your dream with a vanity that fulfils your requirements and make your bathroom look modern and beautiful.