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At Azule Kitchens we are experts of all types of cabinetry for your home or office whether it be a kitchen renovation or a whole home cabinetry project you have in mind. If you would like us to design your space or you have an idea in mind, we work together with you to ensure we fulfill the vision you are looking for. Whether your looking for custom cabinetry for your laundry room, office desk, a book shelf unit in your living room or a vanity for your bathroom, our team has the tools and the experience to make your vision a reality.

We have a complete selection of Canadian made cabinetry with many different options reaching from hard wood species, materials, door styles, colours and various other custom ideas to ensure we succeed with designing and building a custom piece that you can enjoy for many years to come. We pride ourselves in dealing with only the most reputable and valuable suppliers. From our hand-picked materials to our experienced team members, we ensure your new cabinetry is set to last a lifetime.

With Azule Kitchens the possibilities are endless when it comes to the unique designs and cabinetry we provide. Whether your looking to remodel your kitchen or a vanity for your bathroom to a very custom furniture piece in your living room to a book shelve unit that reaches to the tip of your 12 foot ceiling; our designers and team have the experience and the ability to ensure your project goes smoothly and you are completely satisfied with the end product.

Our team’s knowledge doesn’t stop at just cabinetry. For each and every project we assign a designer and a project manager to your job to ensure your satisfied while over seeing your entire project, making sure for a seamless execution of your cabinetry project. Your designer and project manager are throughout the process to help guide you and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our designers are here to assist you in various aspects of your project and also are here to assist with selections throughout such as sink, faucet, counter tops, handles and more. We ensure there is complete control over every aspect of your renovation ensuring only a high-quality end result!