Why Bathroom Vanities Ontario Are Important in Modern Homes

There are many types of accessories that can be added to a bathroom to make it more stylish and more functional. That is why a vanity has become a must-have item in a modern bathroom. It is composed of a cabinet and drawers placed below the sink to store different items like towels, underwear, sanitary pads, etc. The vanity is also sometimes composed of a medicine cabinet, which is placed above the sink or adjacent to the mirror. At times, the medicine cabinet and the mirror are designed to be a single unit.

You can browse many different designs when it comes to bathroom vanities Ontario and chooses one that suits your needs. There are antique and vintage designs as well as contemporary and minimal styles available out there. All-white and all-black vanities are quite popular the world over. Small vanities look very elegant and they are considered by a number of people who want vanities that are easy to maintain and clean. They are also reasonably priced. You can choose the wood color and finish yourself according to your needs.

Most people go for a matte finish when they order a bathroom vanity because such a finish would hide fingerprints very efficiently. The drawers are soft-closing and quite spacious. They can hold a good number of contents and still be very functional. Solid wood vanities are designed to endure steamy hot showers and water spills through the years. Dark oak vanities having these features are preferred by a lot of homeowners out there. Double-sink vanities are also becoming popular because of their added functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can choose the fittings to match with the overall design of the vanity and also depending on your requirements.

World-renowned furniture manufacturers like IKEA offer a good number of bathroom vanity designs and you can browse through their collection to get inspired. Their solid wood styles are quite sturdy and long lasting. There are many colors in this range to choose from including white, black, grey, brown and cream. Both four and two drawer designs are popular along with single and double sinks. You can buy a complete set or buy only the base or top according to your requirements. You can also check vanities with shelving as it looks very modern and unique.

Azule Kitchens is considered the expert when it comes to modern bathroom vanities Ontario and their installation in a modern home. Their competent designers consider each client’s needs individually and come up with the most viable solution that would suit their budget. It is possible to buy vanities already designed as there is a wide variety of these units available out there. But to have them matched with the overall décor and design of the bathroom is the job of a designer. If you are planning a bathroom renovation or simply want to install a new vanity in your old bathroom to improve the aesthetics, visit them right away.